Die Handling / Die Change

With regard to the sector of Die Handling / Die Change Seidel Handlingsysteme GmbH offers to their customers an interesting range of products, consisting of 
• Die Change Carts
• Die Change Tables (T-Tables)
• Electrically / hydraulically driven Die Movers
• Die Loading Arms
• Pneumatically operated die lifters with rolls or balls
• hydraulically operated clamps

Die Change Carts are available with low or high lifting stroke, for die change to the front or to the side, depending on local situation at the presses at customers plants.

Die Change Tables are available starting from simple transportable version up to permanently installed T-shaped Die Change Tables including permanently installed die movers for fastest possible change of press dies.

Pneumatically operated Die Lifters, positioned within the T-slots of the press tables as well as on the Die Change Tables, allow an easy manoeuvring also of very heavy press dies.

Die Loading Arms are used for carrying press dies, which either had been pulled down from the press table or which had been delivered by forklift truck to be pushed onto the press table.

Hydraulically operated clamps for clamping of the press dies do complete the program.

For purpose of maintenance / repair on press dies outside of the press we do offer suitable die splitters / die turners / die manipulators. With these machines it is possible to split press dies of up to 60 tons and corresponding width into upper and lower die half, with highest safety and very quickly. After splitting both halfs of the press dies are kept available for necessary maintenance work within an ergonomically optimal position.   

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