Part Conveyors

Transport of Stamping Parts and Stamping Scrap out of Your Press


Seidel Handlingsysteme GmbH offers to their customers a wide range of pneumatic and electric driven part conveyors.

Main task of the part conveyors is the transportation of stamping parts as well as stamping scrap out of press dies.

The pneumatically driven part conveyors as well as the electrically driven part conveyors transport the material out of the die, on die-specific adopted transport trays. The part conveyors do move the transport tray rhythmically, slowly forward and quickly backward. By this way, due to the own mass inertia, the material moves forward on the tray.

These are the requirements to the part conveyors:

• solid and low-maintenance solution
• low noise operation
• simple and quick installation
• reasonably-priced solution with low cost of operation

At the end of the transport tray, outside of the press, the material either will be feeded into a collecting box or forwarded furtheron by transport belts.

On the following pages the single series of part conveyors are shown in detail.

Please let us have your requirement regarding part disposal out of your press dies. We would like to consult you regarding the selection of the most suitable part conveyors. We also are prepared to check the
possibility of realisation of possible special requests.

We will care for you, also at site, from submission of offer via order processing up to the corresponding service.

Even in case of most possible care during production of the information pages surely there will remain some questions regarding our product range. These questions we would like to answer personally. Please contact us by phone or email:  

Tel.: 0049 2156 419193
Fax: 0049 2156 4979325



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